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Friday, July 09, 2010


I was quite shocked hearing that Prahlad Jani, a holy man,known as Mataji is claimed to be living without food and water for years. Usually human beings can live without food for several weeks, with the body consuming on its fat and stored proteins. But without water human body can survive only three or four days. But in this case, Mr Prahlad Jani is surviving without food and water for more than 70 years.


Mr Prahlad Jani, is a Hindu saint who was born and brought up in Charod village in Mehsana district in Gujarat. This unmarried man or “Brahmachari” follows the yoga lifestyle. He wears the dress of a devotee of the goddess Ambaji - a red sari-like garment, nose ring, bangles, crimson flowers in the hair and vermilion "tika" mark on his forehead, similar to a married Hindu women.

He claims that he has survived several decades without food or water because of a hole in his palate. According to him drops of water filter through this hole which can be utilized instead of food and water, surviving himself on air and meditation


Medical Investigations on secrets behind chronic fasting

A detailed study was performed by India’s Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), the state defense and military research institute in April 2010. They tried to find the secret behind the survival without food and water, hoping that it may benefit  warfront soldiers, astronauts etc.

Various laboratory tests were performed on Mr Prahlad Jani’s heart, lungs and memory capacity. Scanning, hormonal tests, enzymes, energy metabolism and genes. The laboratory results and concluding findings will be released soon.

This man cooperated well with the investigations and he spent 15 days under constant surveillance under cameras and closed circuit television. During these period he didn’t eat, drink or go to the toilet. He avoided bathing also in order to avoid false conclusion that he may drink during bathing.

Examiner Shah's words sound different: "We have reached a hypothesis which confirms that Jani's body has certainly undergone a biological transformation due to yogic kriyas. And he can control his inner organs' functions, which itself is intriguing."

Earlier Investigations on Mr Prahlad Jani

This is the second time, this man was brought under medical investigations to find the mystery behind his survival. In 2003, similar investigations were done on him. Read to know more-

In both investigations, this man was found to be 100% normal.

How to reach Mr Prahlad Jani

Do you like to perform any Medical Investigation or want to learn the technique? Contact Mr Prahlad Jaani or his devotees to meet him at the earliest.

Charod Village, Mehsana District, Gujarat State, India

Approximately 74 km from Ahmedabad, Capital City of Gujarat

Best Time to Visit:
October to March

How to Reach Charod, Mehsana
By Air: The nearest airport from Mehsana is located 100 km from Ahmedabad.
By Train: Mehsana is a railway junction and have number of trains from all parts of Gujarat
By Road: State and private buses are always available. Apart from this, taxis and private cars are also viable options to reach.


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