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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Fast food linked to childhood asthma and eczema?

For all fast food lovers, there is a bad news for you. Eating fast more than thrice a week may lead to asthma and eczema in children. The researchers studying on the global diseases and dietary patterns stated that more than 500,000 children in more than 50 countries hints that poor dietary management has lead to the amplified allergy rates. These people used to have fast food at a much greater intensity and were posed severe threats of asthma, eczema and itchy, watery eyes. However, a few them manage to eat a lot of fruits that protects them from the severe ailment.

Why fast food is dangerous to health
Fast food tend to contain high levels of saturated and the Trans -fatty acids. These fatty acids are truly harmful in nature and it ultimately slower down the immunity level. Alternatively fruits in this case are anti-oxidants and the composed to other beneficial compounds. The study says that the children and teenagers who hang up for more than thrice a week are prone to 39% greater risks of asthma. Children between the age group of six-seven year old had a risk of 27%.  Nevertheless, you can inculcate the sound habits of eating fruits then the risk may cut down to 11 and 14% in the cases of asthma, eczema and rhinoconjunctivitis. Normally it is people suffering from asthma are promoted with the specific diets. In a few cases it is suggested not to take certain food items such as cow’s milk, eggs, fish, shelfish, yeast products, nuts and some food colouring and preservatives as these foodstuff can make the situation worse.
"Evidence suggests that the vitamins and antioxidants found in fresh fruit and vegetables have a beneficial effect on asthma therefore Asthma UK advises people with asthma to eat a healthy, balanced diet including five portions of fruit or vegetables every day, fish more than twice a week, and pulses more than once a week."
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