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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Natural Home Remedies for Brown Spots – Get Age Spots Free Skin

Age spots is something very disturbing for the people especially those who gets troubled with frequent exposure to sunlight. Basically Ultraviolet rays accelerate the production of melanin which darkens the skin. However, the age spots are not harmful by any means. But sometimes they are prominent on your skin. Often the age spots are accompanied by the other signs of damage, such as skin lesion which is not painful, flat patch or macule (area of skin color change). Liver spots arise due to “ceroid” pigment that pops on the skin of the older people. 

Causes of the age spots

People tend to get exposed to sun for a longer period and as a result their skin deposit cells known as melanocytes. When the frequency of these cells grows higher then it appears as a brown patch on the skin, known as age spots.

Home Remedies for treating brown spots
·         Always remember that the brown spots may either appear due to the sun damage or due to the lack of the nutrition deficiency. One of the best home remedies includes rubbing the castor oil or swallow Vitamin E.
·         Lemon juice does wonder and is a tested remedy for treating black spots. Applying lemon juice on the affected area bleaches off the dark spots.
·         If you can work a little harder then one of the commendable ways to remove the freckles is to grind two almonds with a white of an egg and mixed it with a lime juice. Apply on your face and then leave it to get dry. Finally wash it off with warm water and then with cold water.
·         Another affective remedy for the removing dark spots is by making a paste from different ayurvedic herbs. Grind 100 grams of fried basil leaf, neem leaf, mint, and turmeric powder. Use a good amount of rose water to make a paste. You can also use the saffron and honey for removing the dark spots.

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