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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Do you have all these spices in your kitchen?

spices good or bad We all cook delicious food and cuisines to make our loved ones happy, but somehow we never bother about the medicinal properties that they might contain. Let us explore some of the great spices in the kitchen:

1. Mustard: It is one of the great spices that have medicinal properties in the seeds. It helps in reducing migraines, and has other anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. The best part is that mustard has anti cancer mineral known as selenium.

2. Cole slaw: When it comes to great stuff of food kingdom, you can’t forget the raw cabbage. Reports say that it shows proven results in the cases of Ulcers. Whether you cook it or boil it, in either ways it is going to benefit you. The other medicinal properties that in the cabbage are the anti- cancerous properties like indole-3-carbinol that makes it vital component to use in the kitchen.

3. Cinnamon, Rosemary, Cloves, Paprika and other spices: Surprisingly Cinnamon has great anti- oxidant properties and it regulates Blood sugar, Rosemary is again something that makes digestive
tonic and detoxifying herb. When it comes to Ginger it has great properties that can fight against cold and flu and it is an effective immune booster and enhances the blood circulation.


Aren’t you lacking this?
It makes life easy when you choose healthier food your diet. It reduces plague and other cardiac symptoms. Choosing animal protein is never a bad idea since it contains a high level of protein and omega oils and is enriched with calcium.

viewer Moreover it also reduces the risk of heart attack and other symptoms. When it comes to women, well, Olive oil is really is good for health. This helps in reducing the blood pressure. Raw cheese milk is also a great option for people who want to infuse a bit of calcium and maintain their blood pressure. Vegetables are also not a bad option since you drive a great source of proteins and vitamins to your diet.

Corn gives you a great deal of folic acid and onions and avocados helps you to stay away from LDL or bad cholesterol, tomatoes are enriched in high lycopene and garlic works as an anti-inflammatory substance for you.

We all love chocolates aren't we? Yes let me tell you, dark chocolates are really beneficial for health. It easily cuts down the high-blood pressure with great taste.

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