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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Mesothelioma, or malignant mesothelioma, is a rare form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos in buildings. Malignant Mesothelioma develops from the mesothelium, the protective lining that covers many of the body's internal organs. Mostly it is affected in outer lining of lungs, called pleura . Mesothelioma is rarely seen in the lining of the abdominal cavity called peritoneum, and also in the pericardium of the heart. The common symptoms of mesothelioma include shortness of breath due to fluid between the lung and the chest wall or chest wall, pain, weight loss, Fatigue or anemia, Wheezing, hoarseness, or cough and Blood in the sputum (fluid) coughed up (hemoptysis) etc.

Who is on risk of Mesothelioma Cancer?


Working  with and exposure of asbestos is the major risk factor for mesothelioma. Mesothelioma have seen more on people who faced instances of inhaled asbestos and glass particles, or they have been exposed to asbestos dust and fiber in other ways.

There are studies proved that washing the clothes of a family member who worked with asbestos or glass can put a person at risk for developing mesothelioma. Several studies proved that Mesothelioma has also been associated with irradiation, intrapleural thorium dioxide, and inhalation of other fibrous silicates, such as erionite.

Many building materials used in both public and domestic premises contain asbestos. This is another risk factor for mesothelioma. People who are living in newly constructed houses with asbestos, are more likely to get mesothelioma due to the exposure of dust of asbestos through their food and water. The presence of asbestos fibers in water supplies and food products posing high risk of mesothelioma cancer, especially to children.

In many Asian countries, asbestos has been widely used in many industrial products, including cement, brake linings, gaskets, roof shingles, flooring products, textiles, and insulation. In manufacturing units, the workers are heavily prone to asbestos dust. Therefore the family members and others living with asbestos workers have an increased risk of developing mesothelioma cancer.


Other than some newer chemotherapies and multimodality treatments, there is no major developments in this section. If any of our readers can share some good news, please comment here to share with readers.


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coolfx89 said...

Inside more than 80% of mesothelioma caused diseases, the cause is exposure from asbestos. Throughout the initially semi of the 1900s, asbestos was used surrounded by multiple types of businesses. Whether it was on a sailing craft or surrounded by the walls of a family, it made thumbs down difference. Asbestos was bestow and with the intention of was a lofty mix. It wasn't until the in the dead of night 90s with the intention of asbestos was prohibited in the United States. Asbestos has been prohibited pro longer than with the intention of in the UK. Asbestos is a type of filling used pro various types of locations. The exposure to asbestos greatly increases the expose of getting malignant cancer; a cancer in which here is thumbs down heal. Patients who are diagnosed with mesothelioma typically live up to 1 time longer (after detection).

Malignant Mesothelioma Prevention Information

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