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Friday, April 16, 2010


Organic foods can be defined as conventionally farmed and prepared foods that doesn't contain any artificial chemical compounds. In certain instances, the presence of such artificial chemical compounds are allowed but well controlled below certain levels. The process of preparing Organic foods are highly regulated in different countries. These Organic foods are produced in Organic farms that do not use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers that may harm soil, water or local terrestrial and aquatic wildlife.

Dangerous Organic Food Scam:

It is very difficult to identify Organic Natural Food with other foods, especially when we buy from super markets. Many companies sell adulterated food items in a premium price by selling it as Organic Foods. The customers endanger their health by purchasing such items. Some organic farms tend to mix regular items with their organic products to label and sell as Organic Natural Foods.

organic-food-usda-94511 In order to distinguish between organic and other food products, several countries established regulatory authorities and label those foods accordingly.The regulatory authorities for Organic Farming in different countries are

But, making fake labels is quite easy for marketing people. Hence a survey showed that 65% of total Organic Foods sold through different markets in the world are Fake.

Regulatory authorities fail to take necessary action to prevent this due to many reasons. It is difficult to identify organic foods from market from other general foods. Batch labeling was another technique used to prevent Organic Food Scams. But this was not much effective because of wide spread marketing of organic foods. Any one can mix Organic Vegetables with fake labels at any time.

Several laboratory tests are there to find the traces of fertilizers, pesticides like BHC, DDT in foods. But this is effective only when the test is done directly from markets. Even though some cases have been filed against culprits behind such adulteration, still many people tend to do it again.

How to overcome Organic Food Scam?

Try to find an Organic farm near to your living place. Visit there frequently and ensure that they strictly adhere to policies of Organic Farming. Always buy foods and vegetables directly from there.

Avoid supermarkets to buy Organic Foods.

If you feel that the Organic Food you buy is not having necessary qualities, then give a complaint in legal format to your supreme authority in this subject of  your country. Lets join together to  act in a harsh and  hectic way to resist any sort of Organic Food Scams.

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