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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Now a days different brands of packed potato chips are available in market, all over the world.These potato snacks are available in the market in different flavors, style and attractive packing. Celebrities are paid in tons to participate in the advertisements of such  packed foods. Citizens of most countries, of all ages, are addicted to these packed potato chips. In this post I would like to open up some of those facts behind packed potatoes.


Most of the fried pack foods are preparing by frying it with artificial fat called Olestra. Olestra is a fat substitute that adds no fat, calories, or cholesterol to products. It has been used in the preparation of traditionally high-fat foods such as potato chips, thereby lowering or eliminating their fat content. The main portion of olestra is sucrose esterified by 8 fatty acids which are bound to the OH-Groups of the sugar. Like ordinary fats (3 fatty acids are bound to glycerol) it belongs to the class of esters.

Olestra rapidly depletes blood levels of many valuable fat-soluble substances, including carotenoids. Olestra is able to dissolve lipid-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K along with carotenoids which are partially removed from foods. This process is a big threat to children in their growing stage.

Olestra causes gastrointestinal disturbances, which are sometimes severe, including diarrhea, fecal urgency, and more frequent and looser bowel movements.

Olestra sometimes causes underwear staining associated with "anal leakage”

Olestra may cause abdominal cramping and loose stools. Olestra inhibits the absorption of some vitamins and other nutrients.


Unknown said...

Oh no I love potato chips exspecially CC. Do you know what pototo chips dont have olestra?Nice blog I will fellow you.

Shabnam Sultan said...

Hey you have great health blog :) . Have enjoyed going through your posts. I avoid having potato chips ....... thanks for your inputs.

Shabnamahsan said...

Hi Riya
thanks for this eye opening post as packed potato chips generally considered as harmless snacks & kids are getting addicted to it...

Orangesplaash said...

Thanks for visiting my blog..Its really a pleasant surprise..Do come back again.
I am also quite impressed by your blog..since the importance of eating healthy cannot be overemphasized, this is a blog that I would like to keep coming back to..Nice work!!

X said...

many thanks for your comment on my blog

i am following your blog here and i think you have done an incredible job

peace and light from my wee bus


Great information about the do's and don'ts vis-a-vis the junk food that most of us have to make do with, in our busy lifestyle in these gung-ho commercial times.

The information is almost scary, but very useful as the readers would surely commit to abstaining from such stuff, henceforth.

Thanks, indeed, for posting this and also for posting your kind comment of admiration at my blog, dear Reetha and 'Ladychef'! Do stay in touch! Cheers! :)

Port Blair.
Andaman & Nicobar Islands (India).

lawmacs said...

Thanks for sharing it is good to see a blogger highlighting facts that can save a life good work

Ladychef said...

Thankyou Liz, Specifically I do't tell the Brand, But we have seen that Fritto lays, is the one that using Olestra. When FDA removed their ban on Olestra, now a days many companies using it. Better prepare it at home by yourself

Ladychef said...

Thank you ShabnamSultanh and Shabnam Ahsan and Orangesplash or your kind comments

Ladychef ( Riya) said...

Thankyou, Lawmac, Dafter and shrinath for your comments...

Aparna Vijay said...

very informative blog. thanks for sharing it..i will avoid potato chips from now..
Aparna Vijay

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