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Sunday, August 16, 2009


GFHRDFB I was shocked when one of my journalist friend show me some facts and figures about H1N1. Before detailing that, I would like to inform all my readers that,..

I didn't mean to reduce the possible risk of this Pandemic, criticize efforts done by WHO in controlling this disease and to hurt any of those manufacturing companies who are saving human life through their molecules.

Dangers behind treatment of H1N1

  • Oseltamivir is a medication that decreases the spread of influenza A and B viruses, the viruses responsible for the "flu” by blocking the action of neuraminidase (neuraminidase helps virus to spread from one cell to another) thereby reducing the spread of influenza.
  • Oseltamivir is normally not recommended for use during pregnancy or nursing, as the effects on the unborn child or nursing infant are unknown.
  • Oseltamivir is not a substitute for the annual flu vaccinations. The use of this drug along with an intranasal flu vaccine has not been evaluated.
  • Oseltamivir causes rare but serious skin reactions and allergic reactions.
  • Before taking Oseltamivir, you should inform your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you have kidney disease, heart disease, respiratory disease, or other serious health conditions.
  • People with the flu, particularly children and adolescents, may be at an increased risk of self injury and confusion shortly after taking Oseltamivir and should be closely monitored for signs of unusual behavior

Who is benefiting from  H1N1?

Number 1. Drug Manufacturing Companies who are currently producing Oseltamivir, which is announced as Drug of choice for H1N1 influenza. This list includes multinational pharmaceutical companies like Roche,Ranbaxy etc. Around 4500 billion dollar business is aimed within a span of one year through this pandemic.

Can you just imagine the reason why a manufacturing company denied to issue Oseltamivir to an underdeveloped country absolutely free of charge.

Just think about how some of these companies will solve the financial crisis from Recent Economic recession.

“Tamiflu”, the original Oseltamivir, Sales hit 1bn Swiss francs ($937m; £567m), as Roche said Tamiflu production would be expanded to 400 million packs annually by early 2010.

Number 2. Vaccine manufacturing companies who are currently involved in so-called “Researches”.We believe that H1N1 vaccines will soon be delivered like hot cake and may be manufacturers waiting  for some good market mood to release.      " Baxter”  ready to hit tons??

A trustful report says that one prominent country in Middle east already invested Billion dollar as an advance deposit to one vaccine manufacturing country just as a booking of their Vaccine which is going to release soon.

Some people say don't take the swine flu vaccination because  it is contaminated with squalene and mercury like the 1976 swine flu vaccinations were that killed over 500 Americans.

On April 27, Time magazine published an article that details the 1976 swine flu attack, and all of you may read that for further understandings.

Number 3.  Laboratory Reagent manufacturers who are manufacturing laboratory reagents like culture media, for performing tests and Surgical disposable manufacturers. 

Number 4. Surgical disposable manufacturers who are now producing and marketing N95 masks, other surgical masks, cotton swabs to take samples of Oro-Pharyngeal secretions.

The real business aimed is 320% jump in profit.

Number 5. Alternative therapy specialists which include Homoeopathic, Herbal, Ayurvedic, Unani, Sidha systems of medicines.

Most of these systems don't have a proven clinical success  against H1N1. All systems of treatment or diagnosis including Allopathic, don’t have proven methods to provide immunity against H1N1 until today.

Some claim that intake of Vitamin C, Fennel gives immunity against H1N1 which is absolutely baseless. ( as per my information till today )

Is H1N1 really dangerous?


As per current available information, H1N1 Type A influenza virus is not a dangerous one. I will explain the reasons for this argument.

a. We did a good study about the available statistics of H1N1. When compared to other influenza deaths, H1N1 deaths are very low.

b. Like any other Influenza attacks, this also will spread from one person to other very quickly.But not dangerous . Drinking more water, taking adequate rest, self isolation are very helpful in conquering this virus.

c. Persons with other underlying complications are at a high risk. For example, patients with AIDS, Diabetes, Cirrhosis etc. Chronic smokers, alcoholics and drug addicts are at extreme risk.

d. If the present virus changes its virulence then it is very difficult to predict how the infection pattern will change.

e. The symptoms of 'swine flu' are similar as regular flu and it is easy to call everything 'swine flu' to increase the official numbers

Can we suspect a Global H1N1 Scam?

There are number of reasons in front of us that point towards a scam. First of all, the statistics show that this is a mild attack by a Virus. The wide popularity given by various organizations and media actually triggered a fear in the mind of common people. This lead to uncontrolled use of Oseltamivir, the drug of choice. This pandemonium created by media is being exploited by all other alternative systems of medicine.

When the Vaccine is freely available in market, then we can easily realize who actually created this pandemic and for whom they did all these backstage works.

The consumption of all laboratory reagents, surgical items will increase globally which will lead to sharp increase in the net profit of Multi National Giants.


H1N1 A human engender pandemic ?


We can suspect this attack is a human created one. But not created by any of the extremists in the world. If it is a human created pandemic, then the suspicious pointer turns towards many MNC pharmaceutical companies as they are the real benefiters of any pandemic in this world.

The power of biotechnology is something unimaginable after the success of Genetic Code revealing.Various strains of viruses can easily be generated and can be used as weapons or for creating epidemics. If business is the real matter behind all such actions, then we had to worry about further attacks to human beings in future also.



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Chris Mollo said...

Very informative post. A lot of eye opening facts and well written. Great blog.

P.Riya said...

Thankyou Mr Chris. Thanks for your nice comment.

Make Money Malaysia said...

swine flu scam. great article

Aswani said...

An excellent post. Well, I couldn't ever think about it for a second. I hope its all true. And if its all true then its very alarming situation. Here in Pune after the Swine Flu outbreak, it was announced that such swine flu medicines should be provided to anyone showing flu symptoms. I don't know what to say now. I think we need to have some better alternative solution to this global pandemic. Just by simply giving medicine, we are taking a huge risk. In the end, we are bound to suffer.

Its also very terrifying to know that such viruses can also be used for creating weapons of mass destruction. This should be checked and stopped by any means or we are heading towards the doomsday.

forexwatch said...

H1N1 is a diversion of the economic crisis and a handout to certain pharmaceutical manufacturers.

lawmacs said...

I do share your opinion about this i was diagnosed with swine flu and also my son he was given tamiflu i wasn't i wouldn't have taken it anyway i was raised up to beleive flu is natural and has no cure we beleive that flu needs exercise to flush from your system by sweating there is no way flu should be a pandemic the media news to sell themselves

S K G Rao said...

I got your message and viewed your Blog.This Swine Flu virus made in USA and inflicted in Mexico by Virus drug makers in USA and they are now making(already made)money in millions/billions selling the Anti-virus.My Question is how did it originate.( Like computer virus this is MADE IN USA.)

DRBharatsinh said...

i am agree with you it is scam i add another beneficial from this scam "politicians" "media"

Bimbo said...

This is a very informative article.keep it up

Eleonora Baldwin said...

Thank you for your vote, I voted for your very interesting and informative blog.


Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino

sm said...

sorry i do not agree with you.

betty said...

Awesome website!!! Love the photos and great information-thanks,Betty

P.reetha said...

Dear Sm, I am totally disagree with some of the points you mention in your post. First of all vaccine is already available even they tried it in 1976, secondly about these herbal drugs, there is no coordinated effort to formulate a herbal medicine that could really wipe out Viral Infections. How much Black pepper we had to take if we get H1N1 flu?? Also, the success rate is much low when compared to some other systems. It is true that ethanolic extracts, in acetone extracts most of herbal drugs show synergised anti microbial activity. Unfortunately after formulating, its effect in body is pretty poor. I should say that some traditional systems of Ayurveda much helpful in Hepatitis, but no steady formulations.

Reetha said...

thank you make money forex and Aswani for your kind comments

Reetha said...

Thanks for expressing your view Mr Law, Mr Rao, Mr Bharat and Lola

sm said...

Thanks for visit to my site .
i have updated my blog with all the quesitons which you have mentioned.From that update i am here mentioning only few lines.
who and cdc has said and declared that the first vaccine will be available between september and november 2009.
about 1976 swineful there was a vaccine which totall failed and killed more usa citizens than the swineflu.
i am giving you link here

Kris said...

Dear Sm, It seems you are wrong and This blogger and his/her ideas are correct. Do u know about how much time it take to prepare a vaccine in which the DNA code is already revealed and that virus is not yet undergone any transformation???Now please tell me, for what they are waiting for? Just to reach the Target of sales for those Drugs already available in market? Think about it. Now who will try the vaccine again...think that also

Reggy said...

Yeah!..its scam!!

anyway, i vote for this blog!

Unknown said...

i just voted your blog :D

Aj said...

Quite informative on the facts and figures. However i feel the media is hyperventilating on Swine Flue.

Great Blog

Assignment Lanka said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey nice blog.
Nice when somebody make you think about truth... see you.

Elizabeth said...

Fantastic post!! The swine flu is nothing to worry about at this point. It's only dangerous if it mutates in a specific way.

TaylorM said...

A great post. It's nice to see another perspective on Swine flu. p.s Thanks for your vote!! You've got mine! :)

EVP Investigations said...

Great blog, great layout, great content. Voted for you in all categories. Thank you for your vote.

BiteOfCharlotte said...

I really like your blog and interesting perspective! And, I think the MD's at our local Urgent Care feel the same as you about h1n1.

Anil Menon said...

Excellent post! Keep it Up! Iklan Baris said...

really nice post. Never think about this before... I voted for your informative blog ...

MrsMartinez | said...

I agree that this virus is created so that drug companies can benefit from it by selling its anti virus. too bad with many people who suffered and died from it.

sleeksam said...

the race to produce the swine flu vaccine is based on the woefully misinformed public. nice post. i just cast my vote for this blog

J Generation said...

I'm following your blog~
hope you do the same :D

Jack Reylan said...

The bogus swine flu pandemic is being used to insert nanoparticle monitoring chips which also have the ability to dissuade patriots from religious belief - Designed by Chinese Chaoyang geneticists, they will be used to make the white race service and sterile while creating a front foor our occupation by Chinese drones. China has just started using biologically cloned humanoid drones in its factories and military to counter population aging from one child policy. This biocloning was started by Tong Dizhou in the early 1990s to produce star athletes and organ parts but was later taken up by the PLA military. The clones are grown in the wombs of slave women from allied African dictators and have been known to appear on American soil as illegal workers. These illegal workers have special implant chips which relay data obtained from Chinese spyware in our televisions and computers to be used to supress Americans opposed to Chinese hegemony. They are also used in special calculator chips that allow Chinese to cheat on standardized exams by having a committee work on the exam at the same time. Food and Drug Administration investigators say the Chinese spiked pet food with melamine so that they would appear in tests to have more value as protein products. They sell drywall which emit suflide fumes! Given their blatant disregard for American safey in products they sell, because they don't care if we stay alive after we enrich them, it is worrisome that these clones have not been adequately tested for potential disease transmission. Why aren't anti-American professulas who were hawking phoney Japanese "quality" complaining about their fellow reds in China? China has always believed in war by stealth, in avoid open conflict, stabbing you in the back while full of smiles. When they found they nature ninnies willing to buy up poisonous herbs as dietary supplements, they decided to sell more wholesale poisons as well!

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shyster said...


You're a kookburger with extra gravy but you're right on one thing(and one thing only).

Swine flu is a very minor flu, symptom and result-wise.

My family has all had it, and it's mostly an inconvenience, but not the plague.

If this is all some drug company conspiracy, would you really believe they'd produce something this incredibly lame???

Stop removing all doubt about your intelligence by keeping your mouth shut. You're a dunce, who inadvertantly stumbled on the truth that this is a tame flu...nothing more.

Melissa said...

Very glad I saw your blog, Thanks for the info!!!

Unknown said...

Amusing story Jack. Tong Dizhou died in 79.

Sparkling Star said...

Hi Riya,
First of all thanks for visiting my Blog and commenting :)
This blog on food looks awesome!
I too have a Food Blog:

Please do let me know what you feel about it.

Thanks again

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