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Sunday, August 16, 2009


GFHRDFB I was shocked when one of my journalist friend show me some facts and figures about H1N1. Before detailing that, I would like to inform all my readers that,..

I didn't mean to reduce the possible risk of this Pandemic, criticize efforts done by WHO in controlling this disease and to hurt any of those manufacturing companies who are saving human life through their molecules.

Dangers behind treatment of H1N1

  • Oseltamivir is a medication that decreases the spread of influenza A and B viruses, the viruses responsible for the "flu” by blocking the action of neuraminidase (neuraminidase helps virus to spread from one cell to another) thereby reducing the spread of influenza.
  • Oseltamivir is normally not recommended for use during pregnancy or nursing, as the effects on the unborn child or nursing infant are unknown.
  • Oseltamivir is not a substitute for the annual flu vaccinations. The use of this drug along with an intranasal flu vaccine has not been evaluated.
  • Oseltamivir causes rare but serious skin reactions and allergic reactions.
  • Before taking Oseltamivir, you should inform your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you have kidney disease, heart disease, respiratory disease, or other serious health conditions.
  • People with the flu, particularly children and adolescents, may be at an increased risk of self injury and confusion shortly after taking Oseltamivir and should be closely monitored for signs of unusual behavior

Who is benefiting from  H1N1?

Number 1. Drug Manufacturing Companies who are currently producing Oseltamivir, which is announced as Drug of choice for H1N1 influenza. This list includes multinational pharmaceutical companies like Roche,Ranbaxy etc. Around 4500 billion dollar business is aimed within a span of one year through this pandemic.

Can you just imagine the reason why a manufacturing company denied to issue Oseltamivir to an underdeveloped country absolutely free of charge.

Just think about how some of these companies will solve the financial crisis from Recent Economic recession.

“Tamiflu”, the original Oseltamivir, Sales hit 1bn Swiss francs ($937m; £567m), as Roche said Tamiflu production would be expanded to 400 million packs annually by early 2010.

Number 2. Vaccine manufacturing companies who are currently involved in so-called “Researches”.We believe that H1N1 vaccines will soon be delivered like hot cake and may be manufacturers waiting  for some good market mood to release.      " Baxter”  ready to hit tons??

A trustful report says that one prominent country in Middle east already invested Billion dollar as an advance deposit to one vaccine manufacturing country just as a booking of their Vaccine which is going to release soon.

Some people say don't take the swine flu vaccination because  it is contaminated with squalene and mercury like the 1976 swine flu vaccinations were that killed over 500 Americans.

On April 27, Time magazine published an article that details the 1976 swine flu attack, and all of you may read that for further understandings.

Number 3.  Laboratory Reagent manufacturers who are manufacturing laboratory reagents like culture media, for performing tests and Surgical disposable manufacturers. 

Number 4. Surgical disposable manufacturers who are now producing and marketing N95 masks, other surgical masks, cotton swabs to take samples of Oro-Pharyngeal secretions.

The real business aimed is 320% jump in profit.

Number 5. Alternative therapy specialists which include Homoeopathic, Herbal, Ayurvedic, Unani, Sidha systems of medicines.

Most of these systems don't have a proven clinical success  against H1N1. All systems of treatment or diagnosis including Allopathic, don’t have proven methods to provide immunity against H1N1 until today.

Some claim that intake of Vitamin C, Fennel gives immunity against H1N1 which is absolutely baseless. ( as per my information till today )

Is H1N1 really dangerous?


As per current available information, H1N1 Type A influenza virus is not a dangerous one. I will explain the reasons for this argument.

a. We did a good study about the available statistics of H1N1. When compared to other influenza deaths, H1N1 deaths are very low.

b. Like any other Influenza attacks, this also will spread from one person to other very quickly.But not dangerous . Drinking more water, taking adequate rest, self isolation are very helpful in conquering this virus.

c. Persons with other underlying complications are at a high risk. For example, patients with AIDS, Diabetes, Cirrhosis etc. Chronic smokers, alcoholics and drug addicts are at extreme risk.

d. If the present virus changes its virulence then it is very difficult to predict how the infection pattern will change.

e. The symptoms of 'swine flu' are similar as regular flu and it is easy to call everything 'swine flu' to increase the official numbers

Can we suspect a Global H1N1 Scam?

There are number of reasons in front of us that point towards a scam. First of all, the statistics show that this is a mild attack by a Virus. The wide popularity given by various organizations and media actually triggered a fear in the mind of common people. This lead to uncontrolled use of Oseltamivir, the drug of choice. This pandemonium created by media is being exploited by all other alternative systems of medicine.

When the Vaccine is freely available in market, then we can easily realize who actually created this pandemic and for whom they did all these backstage works.

The consumption of all laboratory reagents, surgical items will increase globally which will lead to sharp increase in the net profit of Multi National Giants.


H1N1 A human engender pandemic ?


We can suspect this attack is a human created one. But not created by any of the extremists in the world. If it is a human created pandemic, then the suspicious pointer turns towards many MNC pharmaceutical companies as they are the real benefiters of any pandemic in this world.

The power of biotechnology is something unimaginable after the success of Genetic Code revealing.Various strains of viruses can easily be generated and can be used as weapons or for creating epidemics. If business is the real matter behind all such actions, then we had to worry about further attacks to human beings in future also.



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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


sss sdd When we think about carbonated water,two names come into our mind, one is Pepsi and the other is Coca Cola. This article doesn't mean to hurt any popular brands or its lovers.I am trying to go to the depth of possible side effects of consuming colored, flavored, bottled,carbonated drinks.

What is the need to analyze the effects of Carbonated Drink?

1. Rising Diabetic cases around the world, where the consumption of such drinks are pretty high.

2. Rising esophageal cancer cases in countries having higher sale of carbonated drinks

3. No valid clinical studies so far done about these brands to find out the extent of its danger.

4. Usually all drugs and medical formulations are undergoing studies to reveal side effects on long term use. Unfortunately, such drinks, even though they are being consumed by millions for a longer period, there are no sincere studies till now.

Possible Side effects of long term Carbonated drink consumption






How Carbonated drinks cause Osteoporosis?

Due to the high acidic nature of such drinks, the stomach usually gets irritated and the presence of calcium will  acts as an antacid to counter its irritation. This Calcium mostly get available from the food that you eat with the drinks. If you are taking drinks without food, i.e. on empty stomach then this Calcium will come from the natural deposits of Calcium in your body; bone, teeth etc. Now think about a prolonged consumption of Carbonated drinks that result in massive reduction of Calcium deposits in bone and there by resulting in Osteoporosis.

How Carbonated drinks cause Cancer ?

You should know that all such carbonated drinks are highly acidic in nature. The pH of water is 7, but these carbonated drinks are mostly in 2 – 3 range. When you consume carbonated drinks, then it may cause hiccups or burps or acid refluxes in the stomach that pushes the highly acidic fluid to the esophagus, resulting in lesions. Early lesions may precipitate cancer.

How Carbonated drinks cause Diabetes ?

These drinks are usually served with large amounts of sugar in it. This triggers the beta cells in “Islets of Langerhans” in pancreas to increase secretion of Insulin. Prolonged use of carbonated drinks will give additional stress to the Pancreas and thereby you also will become a  new Diabetic patient. (Antidiabetic drug manufacturing companies always cheers this.)

This doesn't means that Sugar Free carbonated drinks will favor us. Read this article full and decide yourselves.

How Carbonated drinks cause Acidity ?

What else you will get after taking gallons of highly acidic carbonated drinks. Don't rush to your chemist for an antacid. Stop taking Carbonated drinks first and then keep your stomach cool for few days.

How Carbonated drinks cause Ulcers ?

After reading all above facts, now you can guess how these drinks cause peptic ulcers. I am sure that not only Helicobacter Pylori, but carbonated drinks also contributes its own part in developing Peptic Ulcer in human beings. These acidic drinks creates small lesions in stomach and intestine which ultimately turns into ulcers.


Carbonated drinks can be used to clean a toilet:

Pour a can of Carbonated drink into the toilet bowl.after 1 hour flush clean. The citric acid in Coke removes stains from vitreous china.


Carbonated drinks are helpful to clean corrosion from car battery terminals : Pour a can of carbonated drink over the terminals to bubble away the corrosion


Carbonated drinks are helpful in removing grease from clothes : Pour a can of Carbonated drink into a load of greasy clothes, add detergent, and run through a regular cycle. They will help loosen grease stains

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Thursday, August 06, 2009


AquaPacificL Now we are living in the age in which everywhere we can find huge demand for water.

“Water Water everywhere, but no water to Drink”

Thinking about water took me to the word, PURE WATER? Which water is 100% pure? Many marketing campaigns about bottled waters try to convince us that water must be "pure" to be good.

Natural water has mineral content and after removing minerals, water becomes acidic and will try to replace some of the  minerals. So consuming natural water after demineralization will be more dangerous as it may dissolve the mineral content in our body.

Good water can be produced by distillation but some gases, and organic compounds will still remain in distilled water.

Rain water is considered as safe and pure, but rainwater collects particles and chemicals when it falls through the atmosphere.

Reverse osmosis is another method to purify water. Unfortunately, some bacteria, and gases still remain in that water.


Generally water is considered as impure if it contains any or all of the following.

A. Microbes

Coliform bacteria are bacteria known to be harmless, but its presence is not recommended in drinking water.

Fecal Coliform and E coli are bacteria that can cause  diarrhoea, cramps, nausea etc.

Cryptosporidium is a parasite that  causes cryptosporidiosis, a mild gastrointestinal disease.

Giardia lamblia is another parasite that gastrointestinal diseases like diarrhea, vomiting, cramps etc

B. Radionuclide

1. Radon Gas – Radon Gas in water is very dangerous and may produce cancer on prolonged use

2. Alpha and Beta/photon emitters - People who consume water containing these radioactive compounds have an increased risk of getting cancer.

3. Combined Radium 226/228 - People who consume water containing these radioactive compounds have an increased risk of getting cancer.

C. Inorganic Contaminants

The presence of inorganic compounds in drinking water also will lead to multiple diseases. Drinking water should be free from Asbestos, Antimony, Barium, Bismuth, Beryllium, Copper, Chromium, Cyanide, Lead, Mercury, Selenium, Thallium etc

Huge quantities of Copper found in Tap water is one of the cause of development of Alzheimer's disease. So elimination of Copper from all waters seem to have one advantage.

D. Poisons and Disinfectants

The presence of poisons and disinfectants such as Chlorine, DDT, BHC, Chloramines, Halo acetic acids, Bromated, Chlorite, MTBE ( fuel additive)  will lead to serious health issues.

E. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

The presence of VOC such as Benzene, Dichloromethane, Toluene, Vinyl Chloride etc or products that contain these substances are  hazardous to health.

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