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Friday, April 24, 2009


images Some tips that may help you to Avoid some Foods from your Menu
Reduce the amount of meat you eat:
You can reduce the meat in your meal by adding beans.
Don’t eat anything you can’t buy yourself:
If you can’t buy the ingredients that go in your food, you shouldn’t eat it. That means, don't let others fill your Menu. Eat for yourselves.
Don’t eat anything with more than five ingredients:
Eating foods closer to their natural state ensures that you get more nutrients.
Avoid food that makes health claims:
Everyone already knows real food is healthy-it’s when packages and pushers have to explain what a food can do for you that you need to be worried.
Don’t eat anything you wouldn’t want to "be": Remember that you are what you eat — do you want to be a fast food burger?
Don’t eat plastic/ junk food:
Focus on real food instead.
Avoid manufactured foods:
Anything prepackaged is probably full of too much sugar, salt, and fat.
Don’t eat any ingredients you can’t pronounce:
If you’re eating food that only a chemist recognizes, something is wrong.
Stay away from food with celebrity endorsements:
Food that needs to be endorsed generally isn’t good to eat.
Eat nothing containing corn syrup:
Food containing corn syrup is generally not nutritious.
Courtesy: Masters of healthcare


forexwatch said...

A VERY Interesting Advice. A very good blog.

Carrie007 said...

Some very good advise and easy to follow guidelines. Good blog. said...

It's a fantastic list of Foods to Avoid. I say it's fantastic because I only realized that I have read it before when I want to leave my comment.

ShyGuy said...

I don't think I would want to be a beet. Beets are annoying and stains things.

Does food get a lot of celebrity endorsements? I guess they have the Got Milk? campaign. Guess I better avoid milk.

sord87 said...

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